Click the graphic below to see an animation of the Rotary vane principle

A: Air is drawn in through the intake valve.
B: Air is contained between the rotor and stator wall.
C: Air is compressed by decreasing volume. Oil is continually injected to cool, seal and lubricate.
D: High pressure air passes into the primary oil separator.
E: Remaining traces of oil are removed in a final separator element, providing high quality air.
F: System air passes through the aftercooler, removing most of the condensate.
G: Oil is circulated by internal air pressure. It passes through an air-blast oil cooler and filter before being returned to the compressor.
H: Air flow is regulated by an inbuilt modulation system.

Click the above image to see an animation of this process. When the window has opened, click the green button to start the animation.


The single rotor design, running at standard motor speeds allows direct drive arrangement.


Rotary sliding vane, single stage oil sealed compression element directly driven by an Eff1, IP55 motor. Europe's highest standard in motor efficiency.


A reliable compressed air supply is a necessity. With over half a million Hydrovane compressor users world wide, we know we can satisfy your requirements.


In-built pressure control ensures the compressor exactly matches air demand.
Engineered for global markets, the compressors are rated for continuous operation in ambient's up to 45 deg C.