SmartAce Data Loggers

Energy represents the largest cost associated with operating an industrial compressor and therefore represents the largest opportunity for savings.

During offload running, fixed speed compressors deliver no air but can still consume between 20 – 40% of full load power.

It is important to understand a users air demand so that the best solution can be identified in order to save energy losses.

One way an authorised Hydrovane distributor can help to calculate your energy consumption is through the use of a SmartAce data logger.

  • The SmartAce Data Logger is connected to the incoming electricity supply which records a reading of the incoming amps every 90 seconds over a seven day period.
  • This data is then downloaded from the data logger into the SmartAce software package.
  • Graphs and reports can be produced to simulate and calculate energy consumption.
  • This data can then be analysed to produce a demand profile for the compressor system and subsequently an accurate compressor profile can be recommended.
  • Installing the correct compressor for your system requirements is the first step in saving energy and reducing your energy costs.